Massey and CMI have Partnered to Provide you with World Class Pandemic Response Service

Prepare Your Property

For Communicable Diseases

Map Out Potential Hot Spots

Tap into your digitized Massey Plan

To determine the inhabitant scope of threat and impacts on your tenants, guests, staff with your color-coded, detailed schematics of floor plans, stair/elevator risers, and site plan. Do your emergency exit stairs discharge right into a designated hot-spot?

Refer to the Massey App for their expert-written articles

Written articles to guide you through both your preparation and reaction measures that must be in place prior to an outbreak. Combine that with the array of services our partners at CMI offer and you can’t be any more prepared

Allow CMI and Massey’s in-depth knowledge and expertise

To channel you through the process of reopening your facility safely and securely

react to contagion alerts


real time Tenant Messaging System

When an alert occurs, quickly communicate to your tenants and staff personnel what the potential issue is, steps that will be taken and overall strategy to address the threat head-on using your Massey App’s advanced emergency communications system from your phone, tablet or desk-top


Use the deep depth of knowledge we offer to help you place a solid action plan into motion, so your staff and tenants can be confident their safety and livelihoods are at the forefront of management and ownership’s concerns


As soon as a potential threat arises, we’re reacting with a resource article for the Massey App, so our clients can rest easy knowing we’re with them from the outset injecting expertise and guidance into the threat equation. From Influenza to Ebola to Zika to Measles to Covid-19, we stay on top of issues that might impact your operations and safety

Recover Quickly

& Decrease Your Tenant Downtime

CONTAINeradicate/minimize the threat

With our top-flight industrial hygienist partner CMI

All aspects of cleaning and disinfecting protocols are laid out simply, easy to implement. As information evolves with new threats, we evolve with it via fine-tuning and modifying the resources you have at your disposal to stay current


When the threat has passed or been minimized

To a perceived containable level and you decide to reoccupy your property, lean on Massey to minimize your building downtime and bring your asset back to life with our recovery tips and suggestions written by the experts

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See How Massey App Guides You Through Pandemic Outbreak
As Renowned Dr Anthony Fauci said in 2020
During The Covid-19 Global Outbreak -
“Pandemics are here to stay”
There Should Be No Reason Not To Be Prepared With
An Advisory From Such A Respected Authority