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Massey Case Study: Fire

Fire Response is What Our Company Was Founded On
Major 3-alarm office tower fire in Texas - “Dallas fire officers utilized the Massey Plan to combat a fire in the sub-basement of a large office building, including quickly locating a unique confined space feature where 3 contractors were trapped. The building was evacuated as smoke spread throughout the 50 story structure. The fire was controlled within 30 minutes”
When the FD arrived, they proceeded to the FCC and confirmed the location of the fire. The District Chief quickly determined from the Massey pre-fire plan the location of the stairwells to be used by his men and the location of the closest fire cabinet. He felt that thanks to the presence of the book, they knew within 30 seconds their course of action. We saved precious time, which eliminated further damage and possible injuries.
Sunlife GM
In addition to planning and helping to coordinate this exercise, you also provided on-site training in high-rise operations to our firefighters. The Massey App performed well for us in this exercise. The value of having thorough pre-incident plans at our fingertips cannot be overstated. I also like the new annotation feature in the app that allows us to quickly mark-up floor plans and share those mark-ups with other commanders at the incident.
Dominique Artis
Fire Chief, Dallas

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