Let Massey be your source of expertise in reacting to technical rescue type events

  • Elevator Entrapment
    Know what to do when the call comes in that your tenants/guests are trapped in a stalled elevator - Massey didn’t just write one article on this event, but THREE, to cover all angles - engineering, security, and passenger/internal - so everyone knows what to do and steps to follow in bringing a successful conclusion to a stressful incident
  • Escalator Entrapment
    React quickly and decisively to an adrenaline-charged event that may involve serious injury, using Massey’s expertise to guide you through a situation where every second counts and emotion are running high
  • Window Washer Rig Malfunction
    Respond quickly to size-up the incident and stabilize the danger threshold until first responders can arrive and execute rescue procedures they are trained to do
  • Crane Collapse
    Have your Massey response guide at the ready if a crane strikes your building. Certain actions must be taken before responders arrive on scene and take-over. Massey has you covered with our extensive expertise
  • Aircraft Striking Building
    Whether a plane or chopper - whether involving fire or not - Massey’s experience will guide you through how to react to this potentially catastrophic event, all the way through the recovery phase, minimizing business disruptions and tenant displacement
  • Suicide Jumper
    What to do and what not to do when called upon to respond to an unstable, possibly volatile situation - let the Massey app be your guiding hand until first responders can arrive and take over

See Us In Action

See How Massey App Guides Staff through Tech Rescue Event

Case Studies: Technical Rescues

The Massey App addresses multiple types of rescue/entrapment situations
The Massey Plan aids Chicago fire crews with a technical rescue involving an express elevator which plummets 90 stories, stopping in a blind shaft with 6 occupants aboard, demanding a wall breach to affect the highly charged rescue.
We have implemented the Massey Disaster Plan, including the mobile app, throughout our portfolio. Both are an invaluable asset during an emergency event. See the Full Testimonial
Brandywine Senior GM