Let the Massey App be Your Baseline Resource

Determine Plan Of Action

If Interior/Exterior Valves

Must be accessed and closed by fire crews, immediately access all isolation valve locations within mere seconds with the Massey App on your phone, right at your fingertips when you’re under pressure

If An Evacuation Is Merited

Quickly draw egress route and rally point with the Massey App’s unique annotator, then immediately share with your key contacts and staff personnel at the touch of a button

See Us In Action

See how Massey App Guides Staff through Gas Leak Crisis

Massey Case Study: Gas Incidents

We Are Veteran Responders To Gas Related Incidents -
We Know What Actions Need to Be Taken
We could not have done any of this without our recent tabletop sessions!  The app was super helpful and the tenants liked the emergency messages. To read full letter, click here!
Toni Reed
General Manager, Cushman and Wakefield