Prepare for the unexpected

Let the Massey App be your medical assistant while help is on the way

Minimize the impact of a medical emergency

with over 50 medical action guides written by seasoned professionals that address a vast array of events from critical to non-critical where action is called for but there is no medical help nearby
  • Chest Pain/Heart Attack
    When the victim may only have minutes to live, direct intervention may be called for, including CPR or AED use
  • Fractures
    Stabilize the injured until help arrives using basic first aid practices
  • Choking
    Instantly react and save a life with accepted medical techniques explained & depicted in simple terms
  • Fainting/Unconscious Person
    Provide immediate aid while medics respond by knowing what to do and how to do it

Preparing for medics arrival:

  • 01

    Clearing entrance for ambulance and possible fire truck arrival

  • 02

    Securing elevator for emergency crews and stretcher

  • 03

    Provide competent size-up on incident and actions taken

See Us In Action

See How Massey App Guides Staff through Unconscious Person Response

Case studies: medical emergencies

The Massey App possesses over 50 medical emergency event articles
The Massey App guides an assistant building manager through a situation involving an unconscious person during a holiday lunchtime chorus performance in a Houston office tower.
One of the latest and greatest developments to provide a quick attack on a fire is the mobile pre-fire planning application from Massey. This software application gives great detail on a specific building footprint and location of key building features, allowing firefighters to quickly manage any fire incident. The highly advanced mobile app provides instant access to key building schematics and fire protection features. It is clearly a game changing piece of technology.
Robert Hoecherl
Fire Chief, Fort Lauderdale
The Massey App Will Help Keep Your
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