Know Your Risk

Be prepared
Know where all your HazMat is stored and in what quantity

Access general or custom-made exposure threat data on your HazMat

Jump into action when a spill or release occurs with the Massey App’s reaction guides

Immediately send out emergency messages to key recipients from within the Massey App to just a specific group or a broader spectrum of people that should receive notification and actions to take

In mere seconds, draw up your proposed evacuation plan and instantly share with others so there is no confusion over the fastest, safest route away from danger


& Immediate Actions
With Massey’s extensive wealth of experience in the fire service, we’re here for you when a hazardous situation erupts

Masseys knowledge will guide you through the incident

From chemical spills to gaseous product releases, including the common occurrence of Carbon Monoxide (CO) events - lean on us to guide you through the danger and get your building back into normal operation fast

Benefits of using Massey app

Quick reference action guides, critical schematics of the danger area, emergency messaging and PDF annotation capability - the Massey App does it all


From the incident

Identify Area of Damage

Access reaction guides and recovery tips

Including an exclusive article “Aftermath of a Major Event” written by Massey first responders to guide any management team through virtually any event, including how to manage the media – we leave no stone unturned

Utilize the Massey App

To keep everyone informed as to what happened, what’s being done to handle the event, and when the property will be back to normal operating mode

See Us In Action

See How Massey App Guides Staff through Chemical Leak

Case Studies: Hazardous
Materials Incidents

Response to HazMat Incidents utilizing the Massey App
The Massey App guided a Charlotte office building GM through a biohazard incident - the Massey Plan assisted Denver fire personnel in handling a hazardous chemical release in a 54 story office tower - the Massey Plan assisted FDNY commanders in a chemical reaction/explosion in a high-profile 52 story Avenue of the Americas office building housing a major news network that resulted in a complete evacuation.
The information contained in the Massey Disaster Plan continues to be a valuable tool that captures key building information and makes it easily accessible to CFD personnel in an emergency situation. I encourage all Chicago high-rise building owners and managers to maintain comparable documents as a core element of their life safety initiatives.
Cortez Trotter
Fire Commissioner, Chicago