Civil Unrest Preparedness

Be Prepared to React When Necessary
Communicate Effectively

Access your Massey schematics

To determine where all your entry/egress routes are, then use our annotator to highlight (in green) safe escape routes and (in red) the routes to avoid that can lead to known danger areas, then share with staff and tenants so everyone knows the big picture

Use your Massey Plan

to determine where your points of vulnerability exist and create a strategy plan to protect them – harden the target!

Don’t let anything catch you by surprise

Tap into Massey’s wealth of first responder knowledge on all types of human threats to raise awareness of things you should know before the threat evolves

Terrorism Emergency
Preparedness System

Tap into the expertise of major city SWAT team leaders
  • Real-Time Emergency Messaging System

  • Isolate the Threat- Know What To Do

  • Communicate with First Responders

Active Shooter Emergency Management

Save Lives with Massey


Exchange real-time critical messages and PDF annotations with PD Special Operations personnel


Provide Depiction of The Active Shooter Path


Instantly map out safe escape routes


Recover faster from the incident

See How the Massey System Can Help

See Us In Action

See How Massey App Guides Staff through Active Shooter Crisis

Massey Case Studies: Human Threats

Massey Responds to a National Tragedy

“Curtis Massey responded to the World Trade Center collapse on 9/11, staying for the following 10 days, assisting with search and rescue efforts. Curtis also helped with creating strategies by various agencies involved with the collective effort of searching for the missing and incident scene stabilization, including hazardous materials threats. Massey pre-plans located in adjacent properties to the WTC site that were struck by falling debris were used during search and rescue efforts in those buildings, as well as haz-mat assessment. Massey’s employees were brought to New York and created detailed floor plans and Urban Search and Rescue Grids on the former WTC towers for first responders working at the site”