Author: Phil Winch

Massey Pre-Plan Key to Dallas Response

The Massey Pre-plan, a staple emergency preparedness tool in many of North America’s most iconic office buildings, played a critical role in an event at a Dallas skyscraper.

This 50-story office tower experienced a serious fire on Dec. 11, resulting in the evacuation of 2,800 people. Three alarms of equipment and manpower responded. The fire involved 3 subcontractors working in a subgrade level confined space who perished early into the event.

President Curtis Massey came across the incident and approached the command post, where the Massey Plan was in full use. The commander pointed out that it clearly defined the entire fire area, showing in extreme detail locations of key building features and complete floor layout.  The chiefs continuously sent radio transmissions with critical information to their crews operating in near-zero visibility conditions, highlighting infrastructure details from The Massey Plan.  It was an integral part of the entire operation and was praised heavily by every chief at the command post (4 total), as well as the building staff at the command post.